Like The Super Bowl, Prices For Broadway Tickets Are Falling

It seems that no matter what you did this week or where you were all the talk has been about the Super Bowl; whether it was how tickets prices have fallen or about the weather in New Jersey, you simply couldn’t escape it. With this being the first Super Bowl to ever take place in the New York area during the playoffs many speculated that this would be one of the most expensive Super Bowls of all time. However that might be the exact opposite of what many actually be the case as there is a good chance this will go down as one of the least expensive Super Bowl tickets in quite a while. While it has been widely reported that Super Bowl tickets have dropped they’re not the only New York tickets that have fallen in price so too have Broadway tickets, some cheaper than any other time this year.

According to gross receipts from last week the three biggest shows on Broadway are Book of Mormon, The Lion King and Wicked as each show brought in over $1.5 million. When comparing these shows current ticket prices against their average over the next three months you will notice that tickets are presently discounted by 18% over Super Bowl weekend with Book of Mormon seeing the biggest of the three at 27%. For this weekend The Book of Mormon tickets are averaging $243 rather than their normal price of $333, Lion King tickets are 14% lower than the rest of the year averaging $256 and Wicked tickets are experiencing the smallest discount of just 12% going for $258 with its Saturday night show averaging just $208.

Normally one would think that with all the tourist descending on New York for the Super Bowl Broadway would be its most expensive now, but that is not the case. Driving down ticket prices for all three of these shows is the fact that they all now have touring performance groups traveling the country. For instance the Lion King is about to open a show in Seattle in March, Book of Mormon will return to Denver for a second run of shows after selling out their record breaking first series of shows and Wicked is slated to open in Spokane, Washington this May.

Another factor contributing to Broadway ticket prices falling is that this week is jam packed with activities and events going on in New York City outside of Broadway. Beginning tomorrow night the Super Bowl party circuit come into full effect with 20 big events scheduled for Friday and Saturday leading up to the big game including the Maxim and DirecTV party, two of the biggest and events this weekend and will be filled with stars everywhere you look. When fans come to town they want to immerse themselves in the whole Super Bowl atmosphere which makes choosing between events like those two or ESPN Next and hitting up Broadway to see a play like Jersey Boys an easy decision. ESPN Next is the single most athlete-filled event on the Super Bowl party circuit with enough stars there to make anyone feel like a celebrity. 2012’s ESPN Next party had a special concert by Drake and featured the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Drew Brees, Hope Solo, Blake Shelton, Spike Lee, JR Martinez, Tim Tebow, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Cam Newton.

Last week the cast of Broadway’s Jersey Boys performed at Yankee Stadium before the first Stadium Series hockey game and also helped to kick off Super Bowl Boulevard earlier this week at Macy’s, which begs the question with all the different places to see them for free why would anyone want to pay for Jersey Boys tickets?

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