Letters from the week of October 15

Feature: “Best of Kansas City 2009,” October 1

Steak in the Heart

Thank you for choosing Sullivan’s Steakhouse for “Best Steakhouse” 2009. Yours was one of the most clever and flattering write-ups I have ever read about my beloved restaurant.

Sherry Joseph, general manager,
Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Best Slam

I just reviewed your “Best of Kansas City 2009” issue and I have comments on two of the write-ups:

1. Calling Kris Kobach an “anti-hero” merits calling your editor, C.J. Janovy, an anti-patriot! But of course, in the liberal “anything goes” world of The Pitch, patriots are, at best, nerds and rubes, and at worst, right-wing, nationalist, Nazi, nuts, etc.

2. Calling Jack Cashill a pseudo-intellectual is laughable. He has a Ph.D. from Purdue. Excuse me, but I thought society worshipped higher education! He has also written three books. What education does the Pitch staff have? A two-year community college degree? Ha!

Finally, The Pitch is worth what it costs … nothing.

Worst wishes,

Tom R. Collings, Kansas City, Missouri

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