Letters from the week of March 25

Feature: “Room at the Bottom,” March 18

Sad but True

I’m a native Kansas Citian, a big fan and supporter of The Pitch, and a longtime admirer of the strong reportage that Nadia Pflaum and her colleagues provide. Stories like this one distinguish The Pitch from the likes of Ink and keep me reading your paper every Wednesday. The story of the St. Regis is one that needed to be told, and is well-investigated and well-reported, with a great ear for sources and eye for detail. Though it’s a sad and sordid tale, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Kudos, and keep up the great work.

Tom Kessler
Kansas City, Missouri

Home Sweet Hell

The situation at the St. Regis is such a tragedy. These people are being treated like trash just because they are poor and have no government “connections.” It is the same in Kansas City, Kansas. The boards and directors and government officials appointed to oversee these agencies and “homes” don’t give one good damn about the welfare of the people who live in them. They only care about their compensation and the perks they get from being on these boards. Our lackluster government agencies are to blame. All they want is to collect their salaries and go home to enjoy the comforts that this ill-gotten money affords.

Marilyn White
Kansas City, Kansas

Feature: “Fake Reefer Madness,” February 18

Let the People Toke — Er, Vote!

Your staff writes great articles, and I have been following the Kansas K2 controversy that Peter Rugg described in “Fake Reefer Madness.” Let the Kansas Legislature put this in its pipe and smoke it: What has happened to our democracy of the people, by the people, for the people? I invite Pitch readers to go to the Web site citizensincharge.org. God forbid the citizens of Kansas be allowed to vote on legalizing marijuana. Johnson County would lose a shitload of money. You get busted with a few seeds, stems, a pipe or a joint, you get probation for a year. Johnson County depends on the money they pillage from us citizens to pay for their fancy house-arrest equipment and other crap. I am sure that some of the legislators are deep in someone’s pockets to keep HB 2610, legalizing medical marijuana, from ever passing. However, if it were left up to the people, by the people, for the people like it should be, it would pass, just as it has in other states.

Name withheld on request

Editor’s note: Kristen Hellstrom took the photo of Hermon Mehari in the March 18 music feature (“Common Resonance”).

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