Letters from the week of June 7

Geo Tracker

I just wanted to take a break studying from my exams to let you know that you guys are sincerely my favorite paper. You help me engage the outside world when I discuss the paper’s topics with my classroom and teachers. You constantly use the paper to make people think not just about themselves but about what’s actually going on outside the “Johnson County bubble.” Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

I’ll shut up now before I fail geo.

Chloe Taylor, Overland Park

Ask a Mexican, May 24

Kids Incorporated

Kudos to Gustavo Arellano’s response to the Mexican-bashing American. I am Mexican-American and have been here all my life. I can accept feedback and opinions, but ignorant ones I do not usually entertain. This ignorant one definitely ticked me off. I often get this attitude and it is hard not to feel racially discriminated against. To the Mexican-bashing American: What if your child was denied the right to an education that you worked so hard for?

I work with these kids every day, and it saddens me because they cannot get financial aid because they do not have Social Security numbers but have been here most — if not all — their lives. Now people are trying to deny them an education they are funding themselves? Doesn’t the Statue of Liberty read Give me your tired, your poor,/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,/The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. /Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. /I lift my lamp beside the golden door?

They left out the inscription “Unless, of course, they’re Mexican.”

Rosie Garcia-Muzquiz, Kansas City, Missouri

“Stop the Violence … Later,” May 10

Ticket Masters

I would like to respond to the comment of one of your readers regarding Peter Rugg’s “Stop the Violence … Later.” The reader was wondering where the Kansas City Police Department is, that they are not working hard to stop the violence in Kansas City.

I can answer that question. I was recently caught in a “sting” operation by the KCPD. At 8:47 a.m., I was pulled over and given a traffic ticket for turning left at an intersection marked “No left turn between 7 and 9 a.m.”

While I do not dispute that I clearly violated the law, I will have you know that there were two motorcycle officers and a police van that had been detailed to pulling people over — not just that day but all week. Just down the street about half a mile, there was a man selling drugs out of a duffle bag in plain sight.

I don’t dispute that the city needs to be kept safe from reckless citizens like me who are carelessly making illegal left turns. But three police units? For a week? Give me a break!

If the police plan on devoting nearly all their resources on writing bullshit traffic tickets to fatten the city’s bottom line, the least they can do is spend some of it on fighting crime. The police force doesn’t need increased staffing. It needs more effective staff allocation.

Name withheld by request

Feature: “And God Said … Be a Man,” May 24

Trans Phat

Dude, Justin Kendall’s story about Claven Snow was amazing. The dread is so freaking clear, from quoting prophetic Jeremiah to the drug regimen. Well-written tragedy of a lost soul with horrid misinterpretations of God’s word displayed for all to see. I especially was shocked at the whacked view of “anarchist community” — frightening as SHIT!

T.H. Cooke, Overland Park

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