Letters from the week of June 24

Plog: “KC parks department pisses on advocates then wonders where advocates went,” May 28

Releash the Hounds

I have new neighbors. They own a large dog. They illegally walk their dog with no leash. The male owner does so while carrying a coffee cup in his hand. He does so on the public sidewalk.

Many infants are pushed along this sidewalk in strollers. This sidewalk is within a few inches of where some of my 16 grandchildren often play. Suppose my toddler grandchild grabs the dog’s tail. Before the owner can get his coffee cup down so he’ll have two free hands to grab his animal, will his dog have my granddaughter by the throat?

The first five words from the owner will be the same as those of the owners of both dogs that viciously attacked me: “He never bit anybody before.”

In my opinion, the fine for walking an unleashed dog should start at $1,000 for the first offense. The second time, the dog gets put down. If any blood is drawn (mine was both times), the fine should be $10,000 and the dog goes down. Video from citizens should constitute absolute proof.

Finally, the argument for still more off-leash parks seems to be on again. A few weeks ago, The Kansas City Star reported that at such an existing park, a pit bull killed another dog. The owner and the pit bull escaped because the bystanders were pointlessly trying to save the dead dog or offer sympathies to the dead dog’s owner. More off-leash parks? Could there possibly be any more clear and compelling evidence of the foolishness of these places? What if the pit bull killed a child? Does insanity reign?

Patrick H. Crowe
Kansas City, Missouri

Martin: “The Hallmark Effect,” June 10

Condolence Cards

I want to thank you and your newspaper for allowing our story to be printed. It’s a shame that our government cannot see what they are allowing to have happen to our country and to the American citizens. It’s a shame also that there are so many blind people out there. If this were to happen to them, I’m sure they would think differently and the tables would turn. No one can do it alone. Thank you again.

Judy Hansen

Feature: “The Long Goodbye,” June 10

No Fault

Nice job on that divorce story — it cannot have been easy to write. I had friends who went through a similarly awful divorce. While I know that’s not uncommon, it seems like people don’t really understand just how bad those things can get.

Pat Frank
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Feature: “The Man Behind the Murals,” June 26, 2008

Big Canvas

Since moving to Kansas City about three years ago, I have been doing a good amount of volunteer work at Operation Breakthrough at 31st Street and Troost. I have always admired the two murals just south of 31st depicting Martin Luther King Jr., Walt Disney, etc. Some friends and I were leaving the original Arthur Bryant’s a couple of weeks ago and saw a new “King of Pop” Michael Jackson mural at 18th and Troost. The fact that I now knew of three murals in that area of town with similar styles got me curious, and I hit up Google. I had the privilege of finding two of your very well-written articles on Alexander Austin and his murals. I really enjoy his story and his art. Thank you for doing the research and writing the articles! I think his work is a great asset to the city, and I want to spread the word to my friends as well.

Paul Brandt
Kansas City, Missouri

Editor’s note: For more information on Alexander Austin, see myspace.com/kansascitymuralist.

Cafe: “Talk About Town,” June 3

Char-broiled History

The Town Topic in Mission was originally “Woody’s Whoppers,” and they were huge. Burger King moved to town in the ’60s and sued Woody’s for trademark infringement. The court ruled that Woody’s had established a regional trademark for the word Whoppers and that it was theirs until Woody’s quit business or the owner died. He died, the joint was sold and became a Town Topic, and Burger King got its trademark enforced. Love your column and look forward to it every week.

Allen DeCamp

Wayward Blog: “Weezer, Coheed and Cambria and Manchester Orchestra at City Market,” June 7

Weezer Displeezer

I wanted to inform you of my opinion on Nicole Reinertson’s review of Buzz Under the Stars. The level of ignorance in your “freelance writer” is astronomical! She has shown a gross misconduct in slandering a huge spectrum of people. I suppose when you hide behind small-minded ideals and closed eyes to the real world, that is the kind of vision you have. When you receive your doctorate, feel free to judge! Media is controversial, but you affect many people with the words you say, and there are no apologies. You wanted to be snarky, hurtful, biased, rude, closed-minded and downright ugly. Consider yourself below our level. How’s it feel? I have lived in Kansas City ever since I was 18. I was even in a Pitch article. I have been a devout reader all of these years. It makes me sad to say that my head and hands have been cut off. Thank you, but no thank you.

Tandy Adams
Kansas City, Missouri

Respect, Please

Just heard about and read the article that Nicole wrote about the Weezer show. Has she ever been to a rock concert before? Drunk people, sweat and tattoos are pretty common there. I actually have several tattoos myself and happen to be a well-educated professional who has never done meth. Nor am I a dumb fuck. Tell this bitch to pull the stick out of her ass. This article was about insulting people for the sake of insulting people. It was rude, didn’t make sense, and I don’t see why you would let this person review another show, ever!

John Barreca
Kansas City, Missouri