Letters from the week of February 19

Letters: “There’s the Rub,” January 29

Read It and Wipe

Thanks to The Pitch for sharing the wonderful comments from KC’s anal-hygiene cop Eric Orth. Here’s a guy who criticizes the wardrobe police while busily documenting what brand of tissue his “people” use to clean their backsides. Do you watch these folks on the throne, Eric, or just do post-game interviews?

Personally, I don’t use The Pitch for the purpose to which Eric devotes so much study, but, with the economy being the way it is, finding multiple uses for The Pitch may prove to be a good thing. Henceforth it shall be known as the multifunctional publication “KC-TP.”

I rely on The Pitch for honest, hard-hitting and unafraid coverage of issues that no other publication in town has the courage to cover, let alone put in print. Love it or hate it, there it is, every week, for all the world to see, or, for some, to use in more creative ways.

Mike Sheperis, Lee’s Summit

Martin: “Overstimulated,” January 29

Will the North Secede?

I’ve lived in the Northland for almost 37 years, and I couldn’t agree more with David Martin’s opinion of Kansas City, Missouri, federal stimulus projects planned for north of the river.

The “pie in the sky” projects that have been proposed but never completed up here are too many to mention. I’ve attended meeting after meeting where I’ve listened to flimflammers talk about how bee-you-tiful our neighborhoods are going to be. Ha ha ha!

When we moved here in 1972, there were still plenty of pissed-off residents who remembered the city land-grab. They didn’t want to be a part of Kansas City, Missouri; most still don’t. In fact, my neighborhood was supposed to have been part of North Kansas City, but the shysters in KC told a judge that they intended to annex the area. NKC had already filed the paperwork to annex, but KC’s intention trumped that. I bet if a vote were taken tomorrow, Northlanders would vote unanimously to de-annex themselves from Kansas City.

Jill DauBresse, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “War of Words,” February 5

He Salutes Us

I really enjoyed Nadia Pflaum’s article about Fort Leavenworth. I am happy to see the Command and General Staff College getting more involved in the community, as I do agree with Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell and Brig. Gen. Edward Cardon that it is important we get our story out there and show the public that we are just a reflection of our nation and we are not a bunch of robots who dream of Fox News and Ann Coulter.

I appreciate your unbiased article and appreciate The Pitch, especially as it has been my restaurant radar since I moved here in June.

Semper Fi,

Mike Roach, Kansas City, Missouri

Café: “Something Extra,” January 29

On Michael Smith’s Extra Virgin

In our current society, I think there is always room and even a need for an Extra Virgin.

Some people in the Middle East are claiming 77 at a time, so I would have to take the chance on going without. It is nice to know that we can find extras at 19th Street and Main.

Tad DeOrio, Lee’s Summit

Correction: Due to a reporter’s error, a roundup of anti-Valentine’s Day parties in last week’s Night + Day section included some incorrect information. We apologize.

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