Letters From the Week of August 21

Feature: “Up Show-Me Creek,” July 31

Into the Wild

I just read Carolyn Szczepanski’s story about the ultra-kayak race on the Missouri River. Epic story with a Technicolor telling! I read a lot of adventure writing — this is right up there with Jon Krakauer. Well done!

Gary Henry, Lawrence

Live Streaming

It seems to me that your writer nailed the Missouri River 340! Outstanding. I got interested and went to see the start, then followed the race through the Web site. From the bits I saw and read, your article covered the racers and filled in the rest. Again, outstanding reporting. Thanks.

Dick van Benschoten, Kansas City, Missouri

Paddle Pusher

Carolyn Szczepanski did a fantastic job of reporting what the MR340 race is all about. I hope to see her again next year. We’re looking into some changes in our boat and team for next year, gearing up for a better finish.

Charlie Stewart, Spring, Texas

Night + Day, “Glossy Coats,” July 10

Style Counsel

Thank you very much for your warm and inviting write-up, sharing my knowledge and information with your audience about the Styling Artist Hair Show. Your paper was a vital part of informing the community of the show and is greatly appreciated. I applaud the work that you and your staff are doing to preserve and make available new and fresh information to serve our community. We could not have done such a successful show without your support.

Khadijah Hardaway, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature, “Rock Never Dies,” August 7

Music Mania

Nice story by Danny Alexander on the Pedaljets! Good to see a band gracing the cover of The Pitch and such a huge story inside.

Jon Freeman, Shawnee

Correction: An error led to the last sentence (and part of the one before it) being omitted from David Martin’s August 14 column (“Lawman Pretty Boy”). The last paragraph should have read: “Koster, who once voiced support for the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Missouri, is now the candidate all Missouri Dems will be asked to trust. Good luck with that.”