Letters from the week of August 13

Plog: KCPD keeps close eye on Chief Corwin’s girlfriend while he’s out of town,” July 28

Vacation Watch

I read with amusement The Pitch‘s blog post regarding KCTV Channel 5’s report on the supposed “situation” between me and Police Chief Jim Corwin’s girlfriend at his house, which resulted in around-the-clock police protection at his home.

What is particularly amusing is that the KCPD spokesman confirms there was no altercation or documented incident report. It is a mystery to me why there would be a need for around-the-clock protection in Corwin’s quiet suburban neighborhood. This apparent poor judgment comes at a time when the KCPD is seeking additional resources.

What is not amusing is that my name is associated with the recent investigative report on Channel 5. I am a professional, former elected school-board member and mother of two successful adult children. I do not have “altercations.”

I am grateful that Channel 5 took the time to contact me in advance of the story to obtain the truth. I am also grateful to The Pitch for its unique view and willingness to challenge the spin coming out of the KCPD.

Glenda Welsh Corwin
Naples, Florida

Feature: “Crash,” July 30

Family Values

I was at Bill Laursen’s trial. I am a very close friend of his, and his daughter is now living with my family.

I just wanted to comment about Peter Rugg’s article. I was very impressed when I read it. It would have been easy to write completely negatively about Bill’s predicament, and I was terrified when I saw that the story had made the cover of the paper. But to my delight, the story was well-balanced and very informative, and not so much the condemning type that I was worried about. I deeply appreciate the fact that Rugg was able to write past the emotional stigma that the words “child pornography” carry. Rugg is a very talented journalist.

Caitlin Dunn
Kansas City, Missouri

What He Meant

I would like to explain my comments about furs and Hummers in the Bill Laursen article. My intention was to point out that people are very selective about what they choose to perceive as exploitative situations. Situations involving children immediately incite rancor, but the exploitation of animals or the planet is conveniently ignored. My meaning was lost somewhere during editing.

In addition, my use of profanity was regrettable. In my naïveté, I didn’t think my expletives would make it to print, nor that they were necessary. And by the way, I’m sure that there is a Hummer owner somewhere who is intelligent, kind and educated. Sorry. I’m not looking that hard.

Stanton Kessler
Kansas City, Missouri

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