Letters from the week of April 23

This week, we bring you another Letters page of reader comments at Pitch.com.

David Martin’s April 16 column about federal stimulus money paying for brand-new buses — even as the Area Transportation Authority is cutting routes — brought feedback and a driving tip:

“The purpose of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is to create or save jobs. But if you happen to rely on public transportation for that job, you’re shit out of luck, I guess. Having said that, Kansas City’s bus system was never all that great, even in the good times. The proposed cuts don’t make the system a helluva lot worse than it already is. It screws the people who need it for night and weekend service. Aside from that, you will have to wait a few minutes longer if the changes are adopted. Shrug.

A little advice to those with standard transmissions who want to avoid a trip to the mechanic: The clutch is either in or out. There is no in between. Holding it out halfway while you are at a light, to keep from rolling backward, is the best way to wear out the lining. Use the heel-to-toe method of holding down the brake, while being ready to accelerate without rolling into that douche who is all up your ass at the light.Crap, I probably just cost a bunch of mechanics their jobs.”

— Zeety

C.J. Janovy’s April 9 feature story “The Cure From Kansas,” about Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ efforts at health-care reform, made one reader sick:

“What a crock of shit. Typical lib. All talk and no action. She [Sebelius] had plenty of time to mount a plan of attack herself. Of course, it’s easier to do nothing and blame the other side.

The sad thing is that there are gullible libs who actually think Obama and his fellow con artists are actually going to enact free health insurance for all. You idiots are going to pay more then than now. Go to Truman Medical Center now and get your socialized treatment. God, how can the left be so stupid — and their leaders in the media and Washington such liars!”

— Brent

Kyle Koch’s CD review of Irv Da Phenom’s American Idol Reject inspired some love and encouragement:

“Irv The Phenom is what we need to help represent the Kansas City scene. Screw American Idol. That sh*t needs to be discontinued.”

— thePhantom

And on the Wayward Blog, Jason Harper’s review of the April 10 Sweet Relief benefit with and for Victoria Williams, co-starring Waterdeep and the Midday Ramblers at Liberty Hall, earned a thank-you note:

“We wish to thank everyone involved with putting on this terrific evening of music to benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Special appreciation to Victoria and Dr. Mark Matthews for their tireless efforts and joyful optimism. We are excited for the coming year here at Sweet Relief and have gratitude for the efforts of all in the Missouri-Kansas region.”

— Bill Bennett and Rob Max, directors

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund


Correction: The Boys & Girls Clubs’ East Side Unit is located in the 64127 zip code, not 64130 (“East Side Promises,” April 16). Kids in both zip codes look forward to the new facility.

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