Letters from the week of April 12

Letters, March 29

Minority Report

I was extremely disturbed by the letter titled “Dream Catcher.” The writer requested to remain anonymous. You know what we “border jumpers” like to call people like that? Cobardes.

How dare you call this your land, your way of life? Native Americans were here first. You’re worse than the Mexicans!

The Mexican population here may not be exactly legit, but at least they’re working. We work our asses off to get what we have. And that ain’t much. Who do you think is running this country? Your homes, your places of business, your favorite local coffee shop — did you build them? The beautiful landscaping you see everywhere — how do you think that got here? You should be kissing some serious Mexican ass! What do you think this country would be like without us? You think your fellow gabachos would roll up the sleeves of their Armani suits, get down on their hands and knees and do some real labor for 13 hours a day in 100-degree weather for less than minimum wage? And what exactly did you mean by “a clean way of life”? Don’t even get me started on that.

You told us to get our own dream. I’m gonna tell you to get an education, puto. Don’t go runnin’ off at your pinche racist (yes, racist) mouth until you fully understand what you’re talking about. It won’t be long before you’re the minority. Next time, think before you speak. You know how we “crazy Mexicans” are!

Annamarie Garcia, Lee’s Summit

Martin: “The Queen,” March 29

Queen of Spades

God save the Queen — no, God save us from the Queen.

It sounds so good to upgrade and build new that nobody wants to get in the way, lest they be called old fogies. The TIF audit shows a shortfall of $233 million, but the EDC says, Oh no, it’s only $83 million. If it were only $1 million, it would be too much. Real businesses don’t operate that way with their money.

Have we forgotten the laws of supply and demand? If we need new buildings, the business community will see this need in due time, and it will build. Profit is its game. But we have come to the feeding trough of TIF, and it is very profitable for the developer and the already-rich at the taxpayers’ expense. The law of supply and demand is pushed aside, and good old buildings are razed to make way for new at the taxpayers’ expense.

I think the average citizen has long been tired of the subsidy building but didn’t — doesn’t — know how to stop it. I don’t know if Mark Funkhouser knew that or if he just stumbled onto it. And he can rein in subsidy spending? He will be fighting big business! Remember, gold rules the world, and he who has the most makes the rules.

Great article, Mr. Martin. Keep it up.

Charlie Williard, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Capitol Bully,” March 29

Reader Digest

I have been in Kansas City for one year and just read my first Pitch article, Justin Kendall’s “Capitol Bully.” I don’t like or follow politics and have a general disdain for politicians (including the Funk), so it’s odd that I even read the article.

I’ve always thought of the Pitch as alternative journalism focusing on alternative music. What I found, surprisingly, was cutting-edge journalism with hard-hitting facts that I want to know. The article was really well-written, and you’ve got me hooked as a reader.

At $15,084.21, Kansas Sen. Jim Barone is grossly overpaid. Thanks for the great article!

Jeff Bush, Kansas City, Missouri

CD reviews, March 29

Sterling Sharp

What a shame that Jason Harper doesn’t know talent when he hears it. His review on Sterling Witt was so out of line. He would have to know what real music and talent sounded like to enjoy Sterling Witt.

I have seen Sterling in many concerts, and he puts on one hell of a show. So maybe Harper should educate himself and check out what real music sounds like by watching Sterling in concert. He has a huge fanbase on MySpace that will disagree with his review.

Jamey Maclean, Independence