Leslie & the LY’s

Campy is the name of the game for Leslie & the LY’s, whose spandex-inspired electro-kitsch evokes ’80s excess in all of its BeDazzled glory. Hailing from Ames, Iowa, front woman Leslie Hall is an Internet celebrity (or Cewebrity, as her latest album puts it), famous for her absurd vocal stylings, bouffant hair and, of course, her signature gold-colored pants. With stage antics reminiscent of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Leslie & the LY’s (comprising, for this performance, Mona Bonez, Scrappy and Greecee) spin their mishmash of hip-hop, electro and R&B into goofy performance art about bejeweling sweaters and killing zombies, topped off with cheesiness worthy of a Meat Loaf music video. Mixing glitter, sweat and rippling spandex, Leslie and her girls aren’t afraid to get freaky. With a ridiculous song catalog and killer interactive live show, their kooky New Year’s spectacle isn’t to be missed.

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