LEGO author Jonathan Bender talks blocks and family

LEGO: A Love Story author (and Pitch food blogger) Jonathan Bender is having a good month. With a promotional tour under way and sales of his fine, funny book — part ode to the world’s greatest toy, part valentine to his wife and their young daughter — building on Amazon, he’s set to become KC’s latest literary success.

Ahead of his appearance at the Kansas City Central Library next Thursday (make reservations for the free event here), he answered a few questions for us, including who he hopes will play him if Hollywood turns his book into a movie.

The Pitch: When did you figure out the metaphor that building with LEGO pieces shares with building a family?


It’s a weird thing to begin playing with a child’s toy at the same time

that you’re attempting to start a family with your wife. And it went

from being something we didn’t talk about to something I explicitly

wrote about, if only because both building with LEGO and building a

family proved more difficult than expected.

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