Legal Aid of Western Missouri providing free assistance through CARES Act

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Image courtesy of Bill Oxford.

Legal Aid of Western Missouri has announced that for residents of Jackson County, they are able to provide free legal assistance with mortgage forbearance or loan modifications due to financial hardship. They only have until the end of 2020 to utilize the funding received from the CARES Act, and this assistance is only available to Jackson County residents.

Legal Aid of Western Missouri is also able to provide some free assistance for evictions in-person, at the Jackson County Courthouse. Their “Justice in the Halls” project places two attorneys from Legal Aid at the courthouse during each week’s eviction docket to provide legal advice and representation to tenants across the Kansas City area who are facing eviction. Legal Aid can help tenants assess whether there is any way to avoid an eviction judgment.  Potential services include:

  • Helping tenants assert a defense
  • Helping tenants make a settlement offer
  • Providing tenants with advice on eviction proceedings

Interested individuals can call 816-474-6750, or get more information at the Legal Aid of Western Missouri website here.

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