Leatherface, “God Is Dead”

Leatherface‘s new album, The Stormy Petrel, came out last week on No Idea. It’s the English punk act’s first album in over five years, and it’s goddamn brilliant. Honestly, I’ve always been a bigger fan of bands that sound like Leatherface than Leatherface themselves, but this album is a top-to-bottom instant classic.

Leatherface frontman Frankie Stubbs‘ gruff vocals are mellowed somewhat here, and they sound melodic, if that’s at all possible. The Stormy Petrel is a quietly powerful album that has strength within its chords and lyrics, and you should seek it out immediately. The opening track is below, and if it doesn’t grab you, you’ve no soul.

MP3: Leatherface, “God Is Dead”

And check out the tour routing at the band’s website: there seems to be an empty date between the May 17 show at the Firebird in St. Louis and the May 18 show at Denver’s Marquis Theatre. Might we hope for a May 18 Kansas City show?

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