Leading AL Central, Royals Release Playoff Ticket Plans

To say it’s been an up and down season for the Kansas City Royals might be a bit of an understatement. They’ve gone on prolonged winning and losing streaks that have seen them drop below .500 and claim the top spot in the AL Central on two separate occasions. Right now it’s a good time for the Royals with the team riding a hot streak that has them at 69-55 and two games up in the division. With six weeks left in the season the team has already announced playoff packages for season ticket holders.

Fans can reserve playoff packages that range anywhere from single game tickets, to a complete set of all possible playoff home games through the end of the World Series. The prices differ depending on what season tickets you have – whether they’re full or half season tickets, or just partial season tickets.

For fans with full or half season tickets the cheapest tickets available for the first two rounds are $28 and the most expensive is $345. The prices depend on where you’re sitting with the ticket package you already purchased. For partial season ticket holders those numbers jump to $30 for the cheapest and $365 for the most expensive. But the majority of tickets available run below $100 for those two rounds.

While there is still a chance the Royals miss out on the postseason, fans might not want to pass up this opportunity. If the Royals make the postseason, the prices on the secondary market will surely soar. Right now Royals tickets are averaging $64.56 for the remainder of the regular season on the secondary market, according to TiqIQ. That’s below the average price of Detroit Tigers tickets, $79.47, but well above the $47 average price for LA Angels tickets, the team with the best record in the league.

Though to put Royals tickets in perspective, fans could get tickets at the Dugout Plaza – located along the first and third base side on the lower level – for less than the remaining secondary market average for both the Wild Card and Divisional round of the playoffs. Fans can even get tickets to the Hy-Vee Box, Hy-Vee Infield or Hy-Vee Outfield for less during the League Championship Series.

If prices are already more expensive for regular season games on the secondary market, it stands to reason they will only increase when the postseason begins. That’s especially true when you realize how long it’s been since the Royals have made the postseason. The team hasn’t even been close to a postseason berth since the mid 1980s. The team easily has the longest playoff drought in the entire sport.

Tickets have already started to increase with the team in a pennant race. If they actually make the postseason the area will jump at the opportunity to see the team play. If the Royals do miss out on the postseason fans will have the option of using the money paid to reserve MLB postseason tickets for season tickets the following season or can request a refund.

The Royals are having arguably their best season in the last several decades. They are currently first in the AL Central, and have over a 50 percent chance of making the postseason. The team has released playoff plans for season ticket holders, giving fans the best opportunity to get tickets at relatively affordable prices. They’ll certainly shoot up once they hit the secondary market.

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