Laxative-spiked cola could prove costly for Family Dollar

  • A doctored Coke left Nelson needing a doctor.

A laxative-spiked bottle of Coca-Cola could end up costing Family Dollar a lot more than a buck. The Kansas City Star reported that Barbara J. Nelson bought two plastic bottles of Coke on September 10 at the store at 3156 Troost. What Nelson didn’t know, but was soon to find out, was that the bottle had apparently been doctored with laxative pills. An assistant store manager allegedly dropped pills into two bottles in the employee-lounge fridge in an effort to chastise an employee who had a habit of pilfering from that fridge.

The employee, however, sniffed out the plan, even though the assistant manager went to the trouble of resealing and gluing the caps closed, and placing the tainted bottles in a cooler out on the store floor. Nelson then purchased them and noticed undissolved pills in her opened bottle of Coke. When she returned to the store to complain, Nelson says she became ill and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. She filed suit against Family Dollar on Monday.

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