Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards

Rancid porcupine head Lars Frederiksen describes his side project, the Bastards, as though it were a no-strings-attached spring fling. “With this, I just have a really good time,” he said in an interview this past summer. “It’s not like Rancid — that’s, of course, my band — it’s my priority. This is just like a kick in the ass, just to have fun.” Frederiksen may enjoy an extra outlet for punk pummeling, but Rancid is clearly still No. 1 with a safety pin in his heart. “At first, when Tim [Armstrong, Rancid vocalist] came to me with the idea for putting out the Bastards, it was kind of a trip,” Frederiksen said. “Now here I am making the second record, and it’s just, like, I didn’t even think it would get this far. Every day is a good day on two feet. I enjoy both, but I definitely enjoy Rancid the most. It’s my band, you know?”

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