KS Legislature considering liquor tax hike — on St. Pat’s Eve! (updated)

At this very moment, on this day of all days — the hallowed eve of St. Patty’s! — the Kansas Senate’s Assessment and Taxation Committee is hearing testimony regarding S.B. 569. The bill would boost the sales tax on alcohol and malt liquor “for the purpose of raising revenue.” If S.B. 569 is passed, the existing tax on beer, wine and spirits will double.

(Due to terrible math teachers from grade school, we’d previously posted that the tax would increase 50 percent. Error = regretted!)

We called several KCK bars, including Breit’s Stein & Deli, to gauge their level of outrage. The woman who answered the phone at Breit’s told us, “We’re getting ready for our huge St. Patrick’s Day party tomorrow, and everyone’s upside down right now. Could you call back, maybe Friday?”

Is this the plan? Ram a liquor tax hike through on the very day that most bar owners are too busy to protest? Sneaky, Kansas. Very sneaky.

Sen. Les Donovan
(R-Wichita) chairs the committee considering the bill. Kansans who feel they already pay plenty for their buzz ought to call Donovan at 316-942-1271.

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