Kris Kobach says f@$# it, unleashes his inner birther

It looks like Kris Kobach is giving up on his once-grand political aspirations — resigning himself instead to being the lawyer who fights illegals and looks pretty on Fox News once a week. Either that, or he’s just not as smart as his trifecta of alma maters suggests.

Kobach — the Harvard-Yale-Oxford-educated lawyer who has crafted many of the nation’s anti-illegal-immigration legislation — has also been making a halfhearted run at the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, pinning his hopes to the sham that illegal immigrants are “stealing” elections. But while Kansas politics have already proved that Kobach’s rhetoric needs to slide toward center for him to win, he just keeps inching right. And occasionally he says fuck it and dives that way, as he did last night when asked about the president’s citizenship.

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