Kris Kobach announces (yet another) attempted return to politics in campaign for Kansas AG

Cool. Welcome back, bro.
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Former Secretary of State Kris Kobach announced an upcoming run for Kansas attorney general today, following two losses in two years. // Image courtesy of Kris Kobach

Former Secretary of State Kris Kobach is attempting to jump back into Kansas politics as the state’s attorney general.

A filing made Wednesday appointed Laura Tawater as his chosen treasurer under his campaign. He then announced his 2022 run for attorney general today during a press conference, naming President Joe Biden’s administration as an apparent reason why.

Kobach, an avid ally of former President Donald Trump, created a platform around restricting immigration and voting laws. His return to politics follows losses both against Gov. Laura Kelly for Kansas governor in 2018 and for the U.S. Senate seat in Kansas in 2020. Previously self-labeled “the A.C.L.U.’s worst nightmare”, he quite intentionally fueled the Trump-echoed rhetoric around the possibility of voter fraud—in a way that conveniently targeted marginalized people.

Now, eight months after his most recent loss, he’s trying again—this time coming after the Biden administration’s policies and reportedly in a hurry to undo them.

Sure, dude. Best of luck.

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