Kotton Gin

PD: You’ve made six albums in six years. That seems ambitious for a band known to champion marijuana.

BDX: We champion personal freedom. The plant was created by the creator, and it should be up to each individual if they want to interact with the plant. For a man to tell you that you can’t interact with the plant that the creator created doesn’t seem right with the universe.

Whoa. Because so much of your music is linked with pot, do you mind if I make sure you’re legit?

I actually have the perfect person for that job. I’d like to introduce a very special guest … DJ Bobby B!

Hey, Bobby, are you ready for some know-your-dope trivia?

DJBB: Let’s do it.

Who recorded Catch a Fire?

Bob Marley.

Who sang “Because I Got High?”

“Because I Got High”? Shit …

[Singing] Because I got hiiiiggghhh.

Oh! Afroman!

What’s a more ghetto pipe: toilet-paper roll, pop can or honey bear?

The toilet-paper roll is pretty bottom-of-the-barrel because you’re sucking in all that cardboard and shit. But if you really want to go ghetto, just take a piece of fruit and fix it up. Like an apple.

Who played Christian Slater’s stoner roommate in True Romance?

Brad Pitt.

True or false: My sister makes a living growing grass.

Your sister? That’s true.

It’s turf. But yeah. True or false: My mom could smoke you under the table.

That’s probably false. I smoke a lot of weed, brother. Your mom doesn’t want to mess with me.

Bonus question: Who played Sir Smoke-a-lot in the movie Half-Baked?

[Away from the phone] Hey, what’s the name of that skinny brother from Venice Beach? Dave Chappelle!

Double bonus: Name Cheech and Chong’s characters in Up in Smoke?

Oh! Oh! Wait … come on, dude, that’s a trick question. They were Cheech and fucking Chong!

Actually, they were Pedro de Pacos and Man Stoner.

Ah … Pedro … that’s right.

Final question: What was the name of Cheech and Chong’s band in Up in Smoke?

Goddamn. I don’t know. Reefer Madness?

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