Koster investigating Craigslist

Craigslist is now in Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s sights. Koster is investigating Craigslist (along with several other attorneys general) and wants to meet with reps from the online swap meet in the next couple of weeks, KSHB Channel 41 reports. Not many more details on what Koster wants to talk with Craigslist but this might have something to do with that whole alleged “Craigslist Killer” mess — and, to a much lesser extent, an NBC Action News report last week in which investigator “Kinky” Keith King and a producer trolled Craigslist for sexy ladies with names like “Naughty Nurse Becky,” “Plus Size German Barbie” and “SnowBunny” — classy ladies who were apparently willing to make sexy love until “Kinky” Keith and his producer backed out because they forgot condoms and 9-month-old babies are turnoffs. 

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