KMBC: Funkhouser recall fails

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KMBC Channel 9’s Micheal Mahoney reports that the effort to recall Kansas City’s oversized novelty Mayor Mark Funkhouser has come up short.

Mahoney’s super-secret sources tell him that the recall “fell a couple hundred signatures short.” The recall group needed 16,950 signatures from Kansas City voters.

The results will be announced later Saturday afternoon.

The recall group had predicted victory earlier this week.

In his “State of the City” speech, Funkhouser said: “I know that there are some people who wish it were my last, but let there be no misunderstanding, I will be giving my third ‘State of the City’ address this time next year.”

Not sure what type of legal challenge the recall group could mount, but I’d bet they’ll seek a recount if Mahoney is right.

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