Kit Bond named Wednesday’s “Worst Person in the World”

Don’t show Keith Olbermann this video from KY3’s political blog. Olbermann’s head might explode if he hears Missouri U.S. Sen. Kit Bond spouting the myth of the train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Uh, Kit. There’s no such provision in the economic stimulus bill. There’s money for high-speed rail, but no specific project.

Last night, Olbermann hammered Bond on MSNBC’s Countdown, naming Missouri’s senior senator the “Worst Person in the World” for barnstorming the Show-Me State and touting the benefits of the economic bill — a bill he voted against.

Bond’s victory lap press release, bragging about getting money for building 700 new housing units and creating 3,000 new jobs in Missouri, didn’t please the volatile Olbermann.

“Sen. Bond voted against those 700 housing units, those 3,000 jobs and those families,” Olbermann said. “He voted no. Not only did he vote no, but last week he put out another press release insisting that the bill, the stimulus, would only stimulate the debt. It stimulates the growth of government, but it doesn’t stimulate jobs.

“Senator, are you lighter on your feet, do you find because you’re not weighed down by any principles?”

It’s all right, Kit. I know you’re just following the rest of your party’s lead.

Hat tip to Fired Up! Missouri.

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