Kings of Leon will return to St. Lou for cheep — um, cheap

​You heard about the pigeon debacle that the Kings of Leon suffered in the Lou on July 23: namely, that birds shit all over their show (and in their mouths!). (Our sister paper, The Riverfront Times, is calling it “Pigeon Gate.” Awesome.) The band walked off the stage after the third song and didn’t return. Gross. Would you?

Apparently, the Kings feel pretty bad about it: the Followill brothers will return to St. Louis for a make-up date on Saturday, September 25. Tickets are free for ticket holders at the previous shows; and, if you weren’t there to witness the pigeon poo first-hand, you can score tickets for only $10. (Nothing like a good ole Southern apology.) 

You can get directions on how to buy or claim tickets over at our lovely St. Louis sister site’s music blog, A to Z

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