Khrusty Brothers announce final show.

After one album, one year, a Pitch feature, a YouTube video or twelve and some fine flyer work, Kansas City’s Khrusty Bros are kalling it kwitz. From band member Ian Davidson, aka “Hinus King Gustav Huffelheimer”:

Well, it’s the end of the proverbial road for the KB. At least for now. At least in this form. But at least there is something you can do. Don’t give up hope or be dismayed. Don’t hold a vigil in our honor, for we seek to slip away quietly from your imagination to be stored in the place where only your fondest memories are kept. We’re planning on lighting the torch of rock one more time, drinking a final draw from the beer stein of sound, breaking bread for a last supper of polymetric rhythms.

So please, come party with us like it’s the last night on earth. For as of May 3rd, the world will not be the same. There will likely be a void in the shape of a flaming van that may go unfilled for a good, long while. We will see you there.

Details: Khrusty Bros. final show. 6 p.m. Saturday, May 2, at Crosstown Station with … who else? The Klangs.

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