Keyhole’s sexy Ripe exhibit disappears

Ripe, a new exhibit at the West Bottoms Crossroads art space Keyhole, has closed. (Chris Packham reviews the erotically tinged art in this week’s Pitch.) The abrupt cancellation apparently surprised the show’s curator, Mikal Shapiro, who learned via Facebook message that the art had been taken down. According to a post today on Shapiro’s Facebook page:

I am very upset about this news. This is all the information I have received. If anyone knows of another space to hang the drawings, I would be willing to reinstall it immediately. … I will do my best to find some recourse as it would be a shame to not display these drawings because someone felt the need to censor them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. The drawings will be stored in flat files for viewing at my Westport house through February — if no alternate space is found.

Details as they become available.

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