Kevin Yoder ridiculed in new attack ad for his naked Israel swimming party

On a trip to Israel in 2011, Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder got all turnt up and went skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee. Wild times! Then the press found out about it, and he had to apologize. Was it as embarrassing as that time he made a campaign video where his nieces and nephews posed as his children, because he didn’t have any children but still wanted to appeal to family-values voters? Hard to say.

Speaking of campaign videos: Yoder is running this November against Democratic challenger Kelly Kultala. There is much to criticize about Yoder. The man represents little besides blind political ambition. But the skinny-dipping thing is an easy entry point. So Kultala has just released an attack ad on Yoder that pokes fun at the Galilee incident, with several puns about water and nudity. (Old naked couple in a pool: “The naked truth is, Yoder voted to cut Medicare for seniors.” Which is true!) Anyway, it’s worth the 30 seconds. Watch below. 

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