Kelly Clarkson’s New Single, “My Life Would Suck Without Since U Been Gone”

RCA, home of probably the least-annoying American Idol champion, just sent ’round said champion’s new single. Click on the picture of Miley — er… Kelly Clarkson below to go to a youtube page where you can hear the new made-for-ringtone anthem, “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

Now, because RCA wouldn’t let us host the video or song stream or — heaven forbid — MP3 ourselves but are using us to drive their traffic, I am now going to use Kelly Clarkson to try and make some money for mah-self.

So, yeah, I got this here rusty toolbox for sale. $40 OBO! Sure to transmit tetanus via knee-gash or scrape. I’ll even throw in some twine to keep it shut. Excellent place to stash porno. Life would suck without it!

Jason Harper

Categories: Music