Kelley Hunt

You can come home again. It’s not so hard. Just head south off Interstate 70, and you can’t miss it. But it’s still no small feat returning to Lawrence when you’re Kelley Hunt and you’ve spent the past two decades fighting for a spot in the “No Gerlz Aloud” clubhouse of American blues. She’s an independent firecracker who melds blues, roots and R&B with soulful vocals, savvy songwriting and smash-a-bottle-and-dance-on-the-bar piano virtuosity. The little girl who first tickled the ivories in Emporia under the tutelage of a grizzled, chain-smoking woman in a red wig has since gone on to several performances on A Prairie Home Companion and many appearances at some of North America’s most prestigious blues venues and festivals. Ah, but there’s no place like home.

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