KCTV-5 wraps up investigation of pervy nurse

Our favorite Jedi (and KCTV-5 investigative reporter), Ash-har Quraishi, wrapped up his investigation of super perv William S. Price and North Kansas City Hospital last night (watch the report). Yesterday’s spoiler didn’t stop us from tuning in. The report was even sicker than we’d imagined.

Let’s see:

  • Price worked for seven — seven! — years as an ER nurse at North Kansas City Hospital before quitting. He was never fired.
  • Price also worked at Missouri Veteran’s Home in Cameron.
  • Price is accused of sexually assaulting two women while they were sedated.

  • One woman claims Price repeatedly “inserted his fingers into her vagina” while she was unconscious. 
  • In the raid, FBI agents found what they called Price’s “rape kit,” including drugs that can knock people out in 30 seconds and cause temporary memory loss.

Oh, there’s this tidbit about the videos — with titles like Freshly Showered and Sleeping Princess — of Price molesting the girl:

According to federal documents, he was dressed only in a T-shirt that read “Making a difference. One patient at a time.”

Gross. KCTV-5’s re-enactments are a little much. We see a bed, followed by the view from behind a camcorder. Then the screen gets blurry as if we’ve been drugged.

Even so, the disturbing report is worth seeing.

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