KC’s Ari Fish will ‘make it work’ on the new season of Project Runway

Imagine getting the best news of your life, but not being able to tell anyone. That was the happy dilemma of local designer Ari Fish, whom we named “Best Up-and-Comer in the Fashion World” last year. She’ll appear on the upcoming season of Project Runway, which finally premieres August 20th. Fish wasn’t allowed to announce that she’d earned a spot on the show until the season’s lineup was officially announced, an agony further prolonged by the legal clusterfuck that began in 2008 when the show’s producers, Weinstein Co., announced that they were moving Season 6 from Bravo to Lifetime. (Bravo parent NBC Universal sued Weinstein Co. over contractual rights, but it all settled in April.)

Peregrine Honig, artist and owner of Birdies on 18th Street, knew six months ago that Fish had won a place on the show, and somehow managed to keep her lips tighter than a secret agent’s. “You’re not behind,” she says when we asked whether we were the last to know. “You were just protected from the information.”

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