KCKCC unveils “The Art of Gaming” in their latest exhibit

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Art of Gaming gallery will be on display until Sept. 23 // Photo courtesy of KCKCC Art Gallery

From Nintendo to role-playing, the KCKCC Art Gallery features a variety of paintings and sculptures inspired by sport and gamer culture in their current exhibit, “The Art of Gaming.” 

The gallery is composed of art submitted by students within the community college along with interns and aspiring high school students. A good deal of those students are members of the KCKCC Gamer Club, an organization that meets up to four times per week to play games like Super Smash Bros. or Dungeons and Dragons, in preparation for team-building skills or competing in out-of-state league tournaments.

“The idea for the gallery came from my step-sons,” says Shai Perry, curator of the exhibit. “During the pandemic, video games were the only way for them to connect.” 

The exhibit itself represents this idea of connecting through collaboration, as many of the miniatures displayed come directly from the Gamer Club’s experiences. Artist Christopher Guthrie describes some of the miniatures on display as “unbeatable characters” in the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons, representing a collaborative challenge for players to think outside the box and face these Cthulhian monsters. 

“Behind the scenes of this art form, some of the most revolutionary and visually engaging art has been created. Through the evolution of storytelling, creativity, and ever-unfolding technology, the art of gaming has become a virtual and vital art-scape,” Perry says.

“The Art of Gaming” is on display through Sept. 23 in the KCKCC Art Gallery, located in the lower Jewell Building on the KCKCC Main Campus. The show is free and open to the public. A closing reception will be held from 4-7 p.m.

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