KC Public Library offers free notary service pop-ups for Missouri voters

Free notary pop ups provided KC Public Library // photo courtesy of KC Public Library official website

With the election fast approaching, the Kansas City Public Library is offering Notary Services pop-ups today and tomorrow throughout the city. The service is free and offered at the following locations and times:


10 am–5 pm: Plaza Branch (4801 Main St.)

10 am–Noon: Waldo Branch (201 E. 75th St.)

Noon–4 pm: Central Library (14 W. 10th St.)

1pm–3 pm: Lucile H. Bluford Branch (3050 Prospect Ave.)

2pm–4 pm: Waldo Branch (201 E. 75th St.)


10 am–1 pm: KCHD (2400 Troost Ave. 1st Floor Atrium)

Noon–8 pm: Central Library (14 W. 10th St.)

4 pm–7 pm: Plaza Branch (4801 Main St.)

5 pm–8 pm: Waldo Branch (201 E. 75th St.)

Whether you’re voting absentee or by mail this year, many voter ballots will require notarization as stated by Missouri law. The Kansas City Public Library has facilitated the training of 15 staff members now certified as notaries and available to serve the anticipated surge of voters wanting to cast absentee or mail-in ballots amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Notarization is needed depending on the situation of Missouri voters. Those who requested a mail-in ballot are required to notarize their completed ballot before returning it by U.S. mail. Those who requested an absentee ballot are required to have their completed ballot notarized unless affected by two particular situations: incapacity due to illness or physical disability, or having contracted or being at risk to COVID-19. Voters in those two categories can mail their ballots back. All other absentee voters must notarize their completed ballots and return it to their local election office.

Those who need their ballot notarized must bring the following: your unsigned ballot, ballot envelope, and identification (Missouri driver’s or non-driver’s license; U.S. passport; military ID; voter registration card; ID from a state university, college, vocational, or technical school; utility bill; bank statement; paycheck; government check; or government document showing your name and address).

Notarization takes less than 10 minutes, and is, again, FREE. So no excuses, don’t let the cold and snow stop you from completing your civic duty, get out there and vote!

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