KC man runs Avatar movie fan site

The trailer for James Cameron‘s long-anticipated sci-fi flick Avatar hits theaters today. Slash Film reports that the trailer is three-and-a-half minutes long and has more high res photos of the flick.

A local guy is putting together an online archive of articles about the film prior to its December 18 release. T.F. Powell runs the unofficial fan site AvatarMovieZone.com, which has even landed him in the pages of The New York Times.

Powell told The Pitch that he’s putting together the archive because “Avatar is being considered a milestone movie. There’s talk that it could redefine modern cinema.”

Powell is talking about the 3-D technology that Cameron used to make the film and which Powell dissects, scrutinizes and analyzes on his site. And don’t forget, this is the directorial return of James Cameron.

“People tend to forget that this is a director who in the ’90s was an

A-list director,” Powell said. “It just felt good to be watching a

Cameron story again. The 3-D tech and the special effects kind of took

a backseat.”

That’s what Powell took away from the 16-minute trailer he watched on “Avatar Day” in August.

“You actually do get immersed into the visual in front of you. … With this 3-D experience, it’s like your surroundings

just black out,” Powell said. “I think it’s going to be one of those great old sci-fi adventures that you don’t see too often.”

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