KC Jazz Ambassadors present first JAM Musician Awards December 14

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The KC Jazz Ambassadors will present the first annual JAM Musician Awards, Tuesday, December 14, at Johnnie’s Jazz Club in downtown Kansas City.

The evening will kick off with a 7 p.m. opening set from the UMKC Conservatory Jazz Ensemble, after which awards will be announced for 14 categories.

The initial round of voting began in March, with the top four in each category making the final ballot to be distributed to Jazz Ambassadors, local musicians, and jazz fans around the metro area.

“We received 670 ballots for everyone’s favorite Kansas City jazz musicians,” JAM Magazine’s David Basse says. “It should be a great night, recognizing KC’s favorite jazz guitarist, vocalist, sax and trumpet players, pianists—everybody, plus categories for favorite jazz clubs, concert venues, and radio shows.”

There is no cover charge or ticketing required this year, with music continuing at Johnnie’s after the festivities.


Favorite Jazz Vocalist:

Laura Barge

Deborah Brown

Eboni Fondren

Angela Hagenbach

Favorite Jazz Trumpet Player:

Clint Ashlock

Stan Kessler

Lonnie McFadden

Nate Nall

Favorite Jazz Sax Player:

Adam Larson

Jim Mair

Matt Otto

Bobby Watson

Favorite Jazz Bass Player:

James Albright

Tyrone Clark

Ben Leifer

Gerald Spaits

Favorite Jazz Pianist:

Joe Cartwright

Mark Lowery

Roger Wilder

Charles Williams

Favorite Jazz Trombone Player:

Jason Goudeau

Marcus Lewis

Brian Scarborough

Steve Dekker

Favorite Jazz Guitarist:

Danny Embrey

Rod Fleeman

Jeff Shirley

Adam Schlozman

Favorite Jazz Organist:

Everette DeVan

Chris Hazelton

Ken Lovern

Matt Villinger

Favorite Jazz Drummer:

John Kizilarmut

Brian Steever

Todd Strait

Mike Warren

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