KC family sues over nurse who contracted COVID-19 at work

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Greg Kolterman is filing a death claim against his wife’s place of work after her death resulting from workplace COVID-19 exposure. // Image courtesy of the Welder Firm

Tracy Kolterman, a Kansas City nurse, was weeks away from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine when she contracted the virus. Now her widower, Greg Kolterman, is filing a death claim against her place of work. 

Greg Kolterman is represented by The Welder Firm, a Kansas City, Missouri law firm specializing in catastrophic injury and wrongful death. 

The Welder Firm claims Tracy Kolterman contracted COVID-19 at the McCrite Plaza Senior Living nursing home where she worked. The firm also is currently investigating reports that McCrite Plaza did not inform nurses at the facility about positive test results among staff and a resident.

The KCMO Health Department began investigating the facility in May of 2020 after a drastic increase in COVID-19 cases there. Mayor Quinton Lucas later addressed the outbreak in a press conference. 

“We have previously had COVID-19 infections at senior care facilities, but this one is different because of the volume of persons that we have that have come down with it,” Lucas says. 

Tracy Kolterman was sick for five weeks before her death on January 19, 2021. The Welder Firm claims that filings with the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation show she contracted COVID-19 at work. Before her death, she was reportedly told she would qualify for workers compensation payments by the McCrite Plaza facility director, but her husband has since been denied benefits.

Since filing the death claim, the firm reports McCrite Plaza has revoked the COVID-19 vaccine that Greg Kolterman was originally told he would receive at the facility. 

“After his wife had just died of COVID-19, one of Greg Kolterman’s greatest fears is contracting the deadly virus himself,” says attorney Brent Welder of the Welder Firm. “McCrite Plaza yanking away the promised lifesaving vaccine from Greg Kolterman, only two days after he buried his wife is not only cruel, but also unlawful retaliation for his death claim. We are now pursuing all legal remedies he has available.”

(Note: We have corrected the date of Tracy Kolterman’s death)

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