KC Common Good launches new initiatives to combat violent crime


Courtesy KCCG

Local anti-violence nonprofit, KC Common Good (KCCG) officially launched two initiatives: Community Connector and Community Calendar. These programs intend to combat violent crime and provide community resources to Kansas Citians in need by directing them to programs and professional services that they otherwise may have not been aware of. 

Community Connector is a resource portal that consolidates thousands of community resources, covering issues ranging from addiction to mental health services, education, employment, social services, and housing. Citizens can select an area in which they are looking for assistance and search for available services near them based on their zip code. 

Designed to increase ease of access to resources for nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike, Community Connector is a data-sharing platform that currently lists 1,930 service providers in total. These efforts have been bolstered with the addition of United Way of Greater Kansas City’s 211 service and First Call Technology’s Community CareLink, who have joined forces with KCCG to provide over 10,000 resources for the portal.  

Community Calendar is a complimentary virtual calendar that allows partner organizations and community members to notify one another of upcoming virtual and in-person events such as career fairs, neighborhood town halls, and educational workshops and opportunities.

“We’re thrilled to deliver these vital services to the community and serve as a catalyst for change,” president Klassie Alcine says. “We understand that large-scale change requires organizations working together for collective impact, and by bringing all this data and information in one central place, we can enhance the work already in process for all Kansas Citians.” 

KCCG hopes to use data and metrics collected through these new programs and partnerships “to identify gaps where new and innovative opportunities are necessary to inform lasting change from within.”

Resources made available through these initiatives include pre-skills training, job fairs, support groups for youth, veterans, returning citizens, and crime victims. KCCG looks to combat violent crime by addressing the social determinants of health, “the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, and work.” Social determinants can include discrimination, income, education, housing, transportation, and access to medical and mental health care.

KCCG has also been developing a Working For Youth initiative through partnerships with Hire KC, Entrepreneurship KC, and Mayor Quinton Lucas to help employ hundreds of at-risk youth with dozens of local employers this year. This program has so far impacted nearly ten percent of Kansas City’s 5,000 youth, ages 14 to 18, who are living east of Troost.

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