KC Chiefs’ Sean Culkin first NFL player to opt for a full salary paid in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Twins

Sean Culkin, Kansas City Chiefs tight end, is going to be the NFL’s player to receive a salary entirely in Bitcoin. // Image courtesy of Sean Culkin

Kansas City’s own Sean Culkin, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is going to be the first NFL player to receive a salary completely converted to Bitcoin.

Culkin, a University of Missouri finance alum, entered a contract with the Chiefs on the basis of a starting salary of $920,000. This comes with risks if the cryptocurrency market dips and changes, but Culkin is reportedly aware of that and doesn’t seem to mind.

He’s the first to opt entirely for Bitcoin, but his decision follows that of Panthers offensive tackle Russell Okung in converting half of his own salary to Bitcoin.

Culkin is set to start biweekly sats of Bitcoin via conversion service Zap’s Strike while his reserve contract remains in dollars. Jack Mallers, CEO of Zap’s Strike, expressed excitement in a statement about the growing trend of athletes utilizing cryptocurrency.

“Professional athletes today operate as independent businesses and are more sophisticated investors than they’ve ever been before,” Mallers says. “We’re excited to help facilitate the growing intersection and finance by converting his entire NFL salary to Bitcoin.”

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