KC brought the jams to Westport for the Pitch Music Showcase

Wanna know how Kansas City’s music scene is doing? Look at the evidence, baby. The photos across these two pages represent fewer than half of the Kansas City and Lawrence artists who performed at this year’s Pitch Music Showcase. Across stages at the Beaumont, McCoy’s, the Foundry and the Riot Room, 28 acts plugged in and rocked out, bringing more noise than a plains tornado. Two thousand or so people attended, and if anybody had a bad time, it wasn’t because of the music.

Find out which of your favorite groups got the most votes at the Pitch Music Awards this Sunday, August 16, at the Uptown Theater. The ceremony will feature performances by the Pedaljets, Making Movies, Stik Figa and London Transit. For tickets, call 816-753-8665.

Click here to see the full spread.

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