KC artist unveils interactive art piece

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Art by Sage Barnes. // Photo courtesy of Abi White

Local artist Sage Barnes is opening his one-night-only interactive art exhibit August 6 from 7-10 p.m at 1827 McGee St. in the Crossroads. The exhibit, Show and Tell, will feature six pieces on a custom eight-foot display from Barnes’ upcoming show in New York City.

People at the exhibit will also be able to throw a plaster head filled with paint at a canvas-covered wall to help create a different interactive piece as the night goes on. You will be able to pick the color you want to throw on the wall based on your mood.

“Show and Tell focuses on human action, acting on ideas and expressing how we actually feel. Being more accepting of what we’re going through and expressing it,” Barnes says. “I think we’re all going through our own battles, so hopefully, this is a fun outlet and a good chance to look at some art at the same time.”

To check out Sage’s work and get more information, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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