Katlyn Conroy and Jordan Geiger cover Daniel Johnston’s “Walking the Cow” in honor of Middle of the Map Fest

We’ve caught wind of a new local music blog that has cropped up in Lawrence recently, called I Heart Local Music. It has just put up a collaboration between Cowboy Indian Bear’s Katlyn Conroy and Hospital Ships’ Jordan Geiger, who are both covering a Daniel Johnston song in honor of the artist’s appearance at the Middle of the Map Fest this weekend. Here are the two Lawrence songbirds, singing Johnston’s “Walking the Cow,” off his 1983 release, Hi, How Are You — the same release that had labels in a bidding war over Johnston after Kurt Cobain sported a T-shirt with Johnston’s album cover on it at the 1992 MTV VMAs.

(Another fun Daniel Johnston fact: We’ve also heard that Capybara is going to be backing Johnston on several songs at his Saturday-night performance.)

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