Karl Rove has Peter Kinder’s back

  • Peter Kinder is still kicking in the 2012 election discussion.

Don’t count out Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s 2012 gubernatorial campaign just yet! It appears that a scandal involving a picture of Kinder with a former Penthouse Pet, the Pet’s subsequent assertion that Kinder creeped her out and offered her a chance to live in his condo, evidence that Kinder loves staying at hotels on the taxpayer dime, and a big donor asking him not to run won’t keep Kinder out of the hunt.

PoliticMo reports that former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove will host a fundraising event in a private Cape Girardeau home tonight. Kinder’s staff told the website: “It’s going to be the most successful event in Cape Girardeau that Peter Kinder has ever had.”

And why not have a little bravado. After all, Rove isn’t the only big name lined up behind Kinder.

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