Kansas revokes Ann Kristin Neuhaus’ medical license over abortion referrals

  • Angela C. Bond
  • Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus has lost her medical license.

The latest salvo in the debate over abortion in Kansas is a loud one. Earlier this morning, the Associated Press reported that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts decided to strip Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus of her medical license.

Neuhaus, profiled by The Pitch‘s Justin Kendall back in November, is a Nortonville doctor who provided second-opinion mental-health exams on patients seeking late-term abortions from the late Dr. George Tiller. Those consultations, between 1999 and 2006, were required under Kansas law, which has since been changed to remove the mental-health exception for late-term abortions.

Kansas regulators agreed with an administrative judge that Neuhaus had failed to sufficiently examine 11 patients, who were seeking abortions after 22 weeks, in 2003.

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