Kansas City’s air-guitar champion is … still, Mean Melin

The king of Kansas City air guitar lives on. Eric “Mean” Melin shredded his way to a third U.S. Air Guitar regional championship (he’s two-for-two in Kansas City) at Crosstown Station last night (click here to relive all the debauchery in photos).

Melin was the favorite, and he lived up to the hype, killing his first performance — a 60-second rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (yes, it’s possible, and it was fucking amazing). Melin came out in a red cape, Freddie Mercury mustache, and white vest and pants, which he eventually ripped off to reveal a red devil T-shirt and pants, proving that he’s more than a air-metal guitarist. Melin’s performance set a high bar for the rest of the competition — and there was stiff competition in 2011. Peter “Stiff” Dickens, the CorpAIRation, the Manther and Thunderball all advanced to the second round (read more about them in “Air Metal“).

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