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Panties in a wad: Missouri politics reached thrilling new heights last week thanks to Republican Party spokesman Daryl Duwe, who wrote on his Web site that State Auditor Claire McCaskill “let the Democrats parade her around like a cheap hooker” in the governor’s race.

Duwe’s statements endowed The Kansas City Star with the most exciting material of the campaign season. And here at Pitch Weekly, we couldn’t help noticing that in all of the partisan back-and-forth, Republicans just kept tripping over their own … tongues. On Thursday, The Star quoted state GOP Executive Director John Hancock, who tried thusly to explain the nature of a simile: “When someone is being treated like a dog, you’re not calling them a dog.” Hey — did he just suggest that the venerable hottie McCaskill is a dog? The Republicans’ own cheap hookers — excuse us, women — didn’t look much better on Friday, when state Rep. Catherine Hanaway made an apparently unintended reference to the party’s masculine apparatus: “I would not devote my time to the Republican Party if I thought that’s how we were held by the male members …”

We’ve been trying to figure out an equivalent name for Daryl Duwe, but when it comes to insulting men, the English language isn’t rich with options. Labeling him a “two-bit pimp” leaves him a certain amount of status, and referring to him as a gigolo conjures rather positive images of Richard Gere. “Interesting question, ‘What is the male equivalent of a cheap hooker?'” says UMKC Communications Studies professor and political observer G. Thomas Poe. “I suppose it would be something like a ‘rough-trade bitch boy.’ At least on the streets. A boy who sells himself as a hustler would be the equivalent of a cheap hooker — though ‘hustler’ doesn’t sound nearly as bad as ‘hooker.’ But ‘rough-trade bitch boy’ does.”

However, Poe adds, “given Xaviera Hollander‘s popular book some years back, The Happy Hooker, I am surprised Duwe didn’t try to claim he was merely making a complimentary reference to the pleasure Ms. McCaskill takes in Missouri politics.”

Duwe seemed to be taking such pleasure as well. “My, my. Aren’t we famous all of a sudden!” he wrote on the September 29 installment of his Web column, where he also called himself “a human lightening (sic) rod.” And though he logged numerous anonymous statements of support, Duwe’s fun was interrupted when he resigned on Monday.

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