Kansas City Royals fans, this is what .500 baseball looks like

For a game that demands patience and a larger chunk of one’s day than any other major sport, baseball is still oddly emotional. It’s why irrational enthusiasm has given way to irrational despair in the span of the Kansas City Royals’ first 10 games.

The Royals sit at 3-7, tied for last place in the American League Central. They’re mired in a five-game losing streak, the last four of which have been before the fans at Kauffman. Some Royals’ fans are irked that manager Ned Yost can’t field a consistent lineup or that the bat never left Alex Gordon’s shoulder with the bases loaded last night in a 3-2 loss. Others are doing the math and realizing that baseball is an endless season and arguing that we don’t yet know what this team is capable of doing. The reality is that both camps are right: This is what .500 baseball looks like.

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