Kansas City Pig Rescue Network keeps the oink going

2021 01 23 3

One night, as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across an account with pictures of the most handsome boy. His name was Butters, and he had my heart. He was stinky, dirty, hairy, and was seeking someone for love, snacks, and belly scratches. But most importantly, he was looking for a sponsor to take care of his food, medical care, and shelter while waiting for a lucky family to adopt all 300 pounds of him. Butters was a pig, and he was being fostered at Willeyville Farm in Cleveland, Missouri through the Kansas City Pig Rescue Network. 

I had to meet him.

Kansas City Pig Rescue Network (KCPRN) is an organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and permanent placement of domesticated pigs in Kansas and Missouri. Their mission is to “Protect, Advocate and Educate,” ensuring each pig finds their forever family. Unlike other pig rescues or animal sanctuaries, KCPRN is a foster-to-adopt non-profit pig rescue. They believe it is important in getting to understanding each pig that comes through their program so they can help rehabilitate them and prepare them for a happy life in a permanent family home.

2021 01 23 2As I mentioned, Butters was looking for a sponsor—and I wanted to be that person. I immediately grabbed my credit card and signed up. My small monthly payment helped ensure he got the love and care he deserves. I was contacted by one of the volunteers at KCPRN with appreciation, and they said I could come out to meet him anytime. I immediately said “YES” and “how many snacks can I bring?”

As my husband and I pulled up to their location we witnessed pigs, goats, and several other animals moving about the farm in perfect harmony. A friendly volunteer welcomed us upon our arrival. We grabbed our giant bag of vegetable snacks and prepared to share the love with all the farm animals. We walked around and the volunteer filled us in on several of the pigs and their backstories. Many had come from neglectful environments, some had jumped off trucks that were headed to the slaughterhouse and others were lifelong residents of the foster farm. Each pig had a story. Each pig mattered.

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Then the moment came. I got to meet Butters. I squealed with excitement and rushed to feed him all the best vegetables I saved just for him. He was even more beautiful in person. We were able to sit in one of the shelters built for the pigs to huddle together at night or when it gets cold. It was cold the day we went to visit, but it was extremely warm in the pig hut. I was able to hand-feed him and pet his belly for as long as he wanted (which was a long time). He was in pig heaven, and I was just happy to spend time with him. During the holiday season, KCPRN sent me an ornament with his photo on it. A small gift that will always mean something special to me. Eventually, Butters was adopted by a loving family, but I am so happy I could provide him with the help and essentials he needed while waiting for his forever home.

KCPRN is a temporary home to roughly 80 or more pigs at a time. Every pig that comes into their program receives the essentials including spay/neuter, worming and vaccinations, clean water, dry straw, and food. Beyond the basics, they also treat infections, attack wounds, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, dental and eye issues, seizures, and other health issues. 

If you are interested in volunteering or adopting a pig, visit their website at kcpigrescuenetwork.org to learn more. If you are not able to adopt a pig right now but want to help, sponsoring is a great option. Sponsorships allow the organization to focus on larger financial projects like building new shelters and pens, transportation, events, and educational opportunities. You can set up reoccurring donations or sponsorships on their website. Or if you want to do a one-time donation, you can find them on paypal.me/KCPRN or Venmo @kc-pigrescuenetwork.  

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