Kansas City Piano brings a new song to Overland Park

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Image courtesy of Kansas City Piano

Almost seven months after the loss of renowned music retailer Schmitt’s Music, Kansas City Piano has moved into its old location and is bringing music back to Overland Park.

Kansas City Piano’s now calls an 8,500-square foot building with a 90-seat recital hall home, which opens its doors today for its grand opening. The store also features a performance space for pianists, music teachers, and students to a place to appreciate and practice their instrument.

Kansas City Piano’s occupancy in piano retail follows Schmitt’s Music and Jenkins Music, a music store and company that made its way onto the National Historic Register in 1979. Mike Vaccaro, manager of Kansas City Piano, says music teachers are already booking dates in the store’s recital space. The store will also sell Yamaha pianos, the world’s leading piano manufacturer.

“They have everybody from the beginners to people like Elton John playing their pianos,” Vaccaro says. “Yamaha itself is probably the strongest name or one of the two strongest names in the industry.”

Kansas City Piano’s new store will fill a hole that Schmitt’s Music left, and Vaccaro says it will also offer a larger variety than its predecessor offered. Vaccaro says music has brought people together during their time at home throughout the pandemic; from all kinds of instruments, not just the piano.

“The piano is one of those instruments that is really a family instrument,” Vaccaro says. “Families are more together than they’ve ever been, and they’re all rediscovering music.”

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