Kansas City needs a Hobo With a Shotgun

And now it’s time for the most awesome thing I’ve seen in the last month. And that’s coming from a guy who spent his weekend hanging out in a casino with midget wrestlers

I’m home and bored and checking the OnDemand listings, and there it is, shining and beautiful, and its name is Hobo With a Shotgun. Right now, some of you are thinking, “Well what does this have to do with Kansas City? Why should we care? We come here for news about Kansas City?” I’ll tell you why. Because this is about all of us. All of our petty squabbles, all the things that hold KC back, be it East Side vs. West Side, class divisions, race, the petty grudges people in this town have for so many years that they can’t even remember what the fights were about to begin with — this transcends all of that. If they held a free screening of this in the Power & Light District, it would usher in a new era of prosperity and double-barreled truth.

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